Reap The Benefits Of New AgriTech Innovation

New Tech To Offset Agricultural Disruption, Increase Yields & Profitability In Challenging Times & Secure Sustainable Agricultural Futures

A One-Day Conference & Networking Event | 2nd July 2024 | Central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.10 Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Grace O’Dwyer, Deputy Head of Agriculture, HSBC Bank UK plc


Panel Discussion

09.15 The Farm Of The Future! Maximise Agricultural Potential With The Latest AgriTech Applications Which Amplify Productivity, Secure Sustainable Farming Futures & Enhance Profitability With Smart-Farming Approaches

  • Drones, GPS, machinery, data, automation… keep pace with new digital and robotic innovations coming to market and how they can positively impact agriculture – and which could be right for your agricultural goals
  • From weather to crop and livestock management and pest control and labour shortages: where can digital, robotics and automated innovations best support agricultural goals in the near futures?
  • Examine industry-led AI application and determine the best digital farm practices to increase your yields and optimise agricultural performance
  • Assess the technologies and tools best suited to your organisation to ensure seamless change adoption that propels long-term farm success
  • How can you measure the value of your digital systems to demystify the use of technology and innovation to improve productivity?

Daan Wilms van Kersbergen, Investment Director, The Yield Lab

Sam Laing, Innovation & Data Manager, Avara Foods


09.45 Power Data-Driven Agriculture By Maximising Effective Measurement Tools & Aligning Agriculture Metrics Across The Supply Chain

  • Combat data overload! Uncover emerging tech and digital platforms which consolidate your organisation’s metrics and accurately decipher agronomic and economic data for a single picture view which is easy to understand and action
  • How can we increase farmer capabilities to engage with data and for measuring, reporting, and storing data?
  • Future-proof your data analytics by adopting new automation tactics which drive efficiencies
  • Recognise the data results that highlight the benefits of your farming tactics! Extract critical data metrics to generate actionable sustainability-focused strategies
  • How can data inform precision farming? And which activities are worth the investment?

Fabia Bromovsky, Director Global Farm Metric, Sustainable Food Trust

10.15 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner



10.35 From Established Financial Services To VCs: Unlock Investment Opportunities With Strong Agricultural Roadmaps To Secure The Future Of The Agri-Food Industry

  • What role can banks, venture capital funds and FinTechs play in advancing farm profitability and reducing financial risk in agriculture?
  • Investing in agriculture, fulfilling ESG objectives: how can agriculture evidence where value would be most added, generating long-term relationships and secure ongoing financial backing?
  • Empower and support farmers by equipping them with financial incentives to adopt new digital tools to clearly outline their sustainability strategies for long-term success

Jaap Strengers, Managing Partner, Future Food Fund

David Moore, Group Head of ESG, Compleat Food Group

11.05 Morning Break With Farmer Speed Networking


11.20 Secure The Future Of AgriTech! Discover New Tech & Practical Sourcing Strategies Which Promote Supply Chain Resiliency, Farm Profitability & Food Security


  • Which supply chain collaborations are effectively engaging all parties? Strengthen stakeholder engagement and ensure long-term relationships with farmers, producers and retailers deliver win-win-win outcomes for all
  • What supply chain technologies and tools are on the market today? How are these digital strategies being utilised to improve supply chain resiliency?
  • What new tech and business models can we use to increase supply chain resiliency and, ultimately, food stability in the face of market unpredictability?
  • When pricing can be hit by everything from consumer-driven trends to unpredictable weather, how can we deploy AgriTech to keep the supply chain profitable and the business viable?

11.50 P2P Breakout Session

  1. Agriculture Legislation, Regulation, and Governance
  2. Biopesticides

12.10 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

12.50 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Duncan O’Brien, Founder, Dalston’s Soda Co.


13.00 The Future of Farming! Farmer-First Engagement Approaches Which Increase Industry Collaboration, Support New Tech, Revolutionise Farming Practices & Enhance Farm Productivity & Profitability

  • Who is today’s farmer? Insights into the pressures of farm management in 2024 and the ever-changing farming demographics to better understand their priorities, concerns and hopes for the future
  • The balancing act: how focused can farmers be on the shift to sustainable farm practices while managing ever-changing legislations and ensuring farm profitability?
  • Ease resistance to new tech and change! How can we better incentivise some farmers to engage with new AgriTech innovations and evidence how digital tools are revolutionising farming practices?
  • Traditional farming is not the only route… from vertical to regenerative to aqua and cellular, what are the cross-discipline learnings we can all pool together to advance agriculture?

13.40 Informal Breakout Discussions

  1. Gene Editing: Breeding Crops for Resilience
  2. Food Security
  3. Aquaculture

Valentin Pitiot, Head of Market Development, Kelp Blue


Panel Discussion

14.10 Reap The Benefits Of Regenerative Agriculture: Putting Theory Into Practice To See Tangible Benefits Around Carbon, Biodiversity, Competitive Advantage & ROI

  • From soil quality to biodiversity to water conservation: who is setting the priority list at the top of the food chain and how can we realistically move towards sustainable, nature-positive farming
  • How can we engage and incentivise farmers to shift away from their usual day-to-day activities and adopt regenerative agriculture practices?
  • Quantify the positive impact of regenerative agriculture on both pockets and the planet! Determine the nature-positive outcomes of regenerative solutions while leveraging economic viability
  • All hands-on deck! How can AgriTech professionals across the supply chain work together to invest in regenerative agriculture for yield-efficiency and sustainable growth?
  • What steps are still needed to fully support a transition into regenerative agriculture? Discover where industry leaders stand on sustainable farming practices and see where current investments are being made

Daniel Hillman, Co-Founder, Kaly Group

James Hopwood, Director – Agriculture, Grower Relations, McCain Foods

Matthew Ryan, Regeneration Lead, Nestlé

Valentin Pitiot, Head of Market Development, Kelp Blue

Harry Farnsworth, Regenerative-Carbon Bank, Rabobank

Edd Lees, Co-Founder, Wildfarmed


15.20 Improve Soil Quality: Measure Impact & Monitor Progress For A Future-Focused Approach To Soil Health

  • From heavy new machinery increasing compaction to erosion and degradation to carbon loss… what are the agritech solutions to help us combat threats to soil health and improve quality?
  • Innovative methods to monitor soil health: how can we acquire real-time data into soil quality?
  • How can we efficiently interpret soil data and monitor soil health for targeted restoration activities?
  • Discover new technologies and farming practices available for farmers to improve soil health, optimise soil quality and measure outcomes
  • Win-win: what are the steps to increase carbon sequestering and improve soil with carbon farming, proactive carbon soil adoption methods and what are the outcomes?

Sam Alexander James, Partner, Brynmair Farm

15.40 Afternoon Break with Informal Networking

16.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


Panel Discussion

16.30 Shape The Future Of Agriculture: Unpicking Science Fiction For Insights Into Long-Term AgriTech Investment & Development

  • Is bio-farming the future of farming? How are industry leaders measuring the impact of new farming strategies to reshape agriculture possibilities?
  • Bridge the gap between lab and plant! From seed innovation to molecular farming… unlock new avenues for agri-food improvements
  • From farmers to consumers, how will our climate crisis affect food innovations and redirect the food system toward a nature-smart food industry?

Shamal Mohammed, Head of AgriTech, Silal

Paul Baksh, Category Manager – Agriculture & Ingredients, Vibrant Foods

Margarita Kuzina, Food Scientist, NOVAMEAT

Adam White, Head of Barclays Agriculture, Barclays

17.00 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

17.10 Close Of Conference